Confessions of an Ex-Angry Chick

It was a stressful day. I got home, switched my gear, and went for a run. This doesn't always happen. Sometimes I just like to eat. Who's with me?! But this time I figured I'd go for a "rog" (a hybrid of a run and jog/ let's be real). After my rog, I trampled onto … Continue reading Confessions of an Ex-Angry Chick

Blonde Girl Near Rocks

Drop-Kick Worries

"Give it to God, girl." It was one of those things I grew up hearing. Now, I was raised knowing about Jesus but needless to say, it took me a bit to get into an authentic relationship with him. As a young girl into my teenage years, my family church-hopped a lot. As you can … Continue reading Drop-Kick Worries

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People Worn

As time goes on, things usually take a beating. Ever buy a new item, that you wanted so badly, and then something happens to it? A scratch, a snag, a pull, a missing piece? UGH. Bummer. I’ve done this to three articles of clothing in the past month! When we use certain items over and … Continue reading People Worn