A Tale of Two Responses

RESPONSES.. We respond to many things every day. Your child comes home with a 70% on a test. You know they tried super hard. It's not an "A" but, you have the choice to celebrate their hard work or come down on them. You walk into work confident you nailed your interview but the job … Continue reading A Tale of Two Responses

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THANKSGIVING Ella Wheeler Wilcox We walk on starry fields of white And do not see the daisies; For blessings common in our sight We rarely offer praises. We sigh for some supreme delight To crown our lives with splendor, And quite ignore our daily store Of pleasures sweet and tender. Our cares are bold and … Continue reading Grateful.

What the Funk?

Ever get in a weird funk? For me, this past week has just been funky. I can't even put my finger on why or what. Ever walk up the stairs only to have your foot slip off the edge of your next step? This week has felt like that!!! Haha. It's like I can't catch … Continue reading What the Funk?

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Fight Well

Ever watch an MMA match before? Honestly, I don't often but I have seen my fair share on TV. It's like a car wreck! I just can't look away. One good punch, in just the right spot, can leave a person completely disoriented. All of a sudden, someone, who was so amped and ready to … Continue reading Fight Well

Confessions of an Ex-Angry Chick

It was a stressful day. I got home, switched my gear, and went for a run. This doesn't always happen. Sometimes I just like to eat. Who's with me?! But this time I figured I'd go for a "rog" (a hybrid of a run and jog/ let's be real). After my rog, I trampled onto … Continue reading Confessions of an Ex-Angry Chick